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USB2PPM development board kit

USB2PPM evaluation board kit
USB2PPM development board kit - 25 €
includes all parts required - the Micro-USB connector (SMD component) is already populated

Minimum order quantity for international orders: EU 25 €, all other countries 40 €


This kit allows you to efficiently evaluate the USB2PPM. The Micro-USB connector (SMD component) is populated already. The pcb also provides for simplified integration into your system design with a small prototype area for interfacing needs of your RC transmitter.

Evaluation Board USB2PP



USB2PPM Construction Manual (.pdf File, EN)

This construction manual describes the construction and the commissioning of the USB2PPM in detail.



Joystick RC with a Spektrum DXe transmitter

This blog describes the setup and application of the USB2PPM for controlling a quadrocopter.

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USB2PPM: PPM Encoder with USB input for eight channels

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