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Control your RC TX with a Joystick

Joystick2PPM4Arduino Screen



Joystick2PPM uses a Joystick connected to your PC to control your RC TX through feeding a PPM stream generated by an Arduino Uno into the student input. When started the app will automatically connect with the Arduino Uno and the first DirectX capable Joystick or Gamepad found. Your configuration will be saved and reloaded when restarting.

The sketch USB2PPM_by_Arduino needed for Arduino is open source and available on github. Please refer also to my blog USB2PPM_by_Arduino for additional information.

The user interface of the app is intuitive and self-explanatory: simply associate joystick axes, sliders or buttons to channel outputs. In order to accommodate the specifics of your application, channels connected to sliders and axis can be trimmed and the pulse range can be adjusted (EPA). Buttons can be turned into on/off switches by checking the "sw" box which replaces the inverse option after you assigned a button to an output channel.

The Joystick2PPM4Arduino app is available in the Microsoft app store.


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