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PiKoder/DC Base Module for a 64 Channel Receiver

PiKoder/SSC DC: PiKoder/SSC DC Base Module for a 64 Channel Receiver
PiKoder/DC Kit - EUR 12,00
Kit for PiKoder/DC Base Module for 64 Channel Receiver including a detailed construction manual

The PiKoder/DC is a base board greatly simplifying daisy chaining for up to eight PiKoders thus catering for up to 64 servo channels. It provides you with a bus driver, some logic to avoid shorts caused by communication problems, a dc-dc power converter and a holder for a radio – be it a Bluetooth module or a WLAN radio. This guide provides the respective settings, the wiring diagrams and the schematics and pinning of the board.

Daisy chaining of PiKoder/SSC’s is based on the miniSSC protocol which supports up to 255 servo channels. Thereby it lends itself as a very suitable protocol for multi-channel RC applications. Each PiKoder/SSC can control up to eight servos. If you want to address more than eight channels you would thus daisy chain a respective number of PiKoder/SSCs (be it PiKoder/SSCs, PiKoder/SSC wRX, or PiKoder/SSC RX) to support the number of channels required by your application.

The PiKoder/DC features the typical range of model power supply (4,8 - 6 V) thus allowing you to in many instances to simply replace your model's current receiver.

PiKoder/DC User's Guide (.pdf File, EN)

This User's Guide describes the features and use of the PiKoder/DC in detail.

AN02: Daisy Chaining (.pdf File, EN)

This Application Note describes the basic concepts of daisy chaining PiKoders


USB connector

PiKoder/SSC RX bluetooth receiver kit
PiKoder/SSC wRX wlan receiver kit
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